Bethesda is bringing its goriest (and best) game to Nintendo Switch

LA Noire Nintendo Switch Players Has More To Lose

I personally hope (as I always do with any Nintendo Direct) that there's a brand new game announcement. Doom and Wolfenstein II have high-end graphics, and their pending arrival show that the Nintendo Switch is also capable of supporting games that require more power.

Splatoon 2, Flip Wars, Snipperclippers, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and ARMS will all get updates coming soon or available today. You'll find these throughout the worlds, win them from enemies, unlock them with puzzles, collect them in mini games, and more. Video game developers, 2K Games, had acquired the services of one entire group whose sole objective was to make sure that the port to the Switch was successful come the release date. They didn't announce a price, but we doubt it's any cheaper than buying the game and console separately. On top of that, Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime has warned again in September that the company might not be able to make enough Nintendo Switch consoles.

Nintendo's swanky new Switch console has been selling brilliantly across the globe - closing in rapidly on its 10 million sales target. The Pokemon New 2DS XL releases November 3.

What is a Nintendo Direct? Since then, the plan been pushed back to 2018, when paid online subscribers to Nintendo's online network will receive access to an unspecified number of classic games. For more information on the combat system and the world of Alrest, check out the Direct for yourself.

Though what if you already have a Nintendo Switch and just want the carrying case or matte red Joy-Cons?

The number of yearly Direct streams fluctuates from year to year but, generally, they've increased in number since 2011.