Sean Spicer makes a surprise appearance at the Emmys

It'll cost you

Might as well watch to see who comes out on top.

Colbert didn't back off during his monologue.

Colbert quipped that the audience was responsible for what Trump is today.

"You guys are neck and neck, and Alec you're up against a lot of neck", Colbert said. "Looking forward to the tweets!" Let's clear all of this information up right now to get you prepared for the show. "All the late night shows, obviously, 'House of Cards, ' the new season of 'American Horror Story, ' and of course next year's Latin Grammy's hosted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio".

The everlasting Veep and Modern Family have nominated for the Best Comedy Series this time also. "Should've gotten it", Trump then said.

The bit came moments after Colbert riffed on the notion that President Trump is now the biggest celebrity on television.

"This is a night to celebrate television and there's no bigger star on television in the past year than Donald Trump", the late night host sniped, according to Inside Edition.

He admitted that the biggest star of the year, in fact, was Trump, reminding the audience and viewers at home of the former reality star's obsession with the Emmys.

"My mother you know, grew up wanting to be an actress", Anderson explained.

The bit was a reference to the first introductions many Americans got to Spicer, when he held an impromptu press briefing the day after Donald Trump's inauguration as USA president.

Trump wasn't the only one to incur Colbert's comedic wrath.

Online: CBS' All Access on-demand platform will also be streaming the show live on mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, PS4, Xbox and through Windows 10. "Just ask Ted Cruz", Colbert joked about the Senator's porn controversy. I assumed he's black since he's so comfortable using the N-word. After last year's memorable hosting by Zimmy Kimmel, this year the event will be hosted by none other than Stephen Colbert, the ace talk show host from the television world.