The new iPhone can leave holes in pockets

The iOS 11 control center on the iPhone 8 Plus. The software update is free

Apple has also announced the price of new smartphone. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched three new varieties of its iconic iPhone - iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the high-end iPhone X. Although shares of Apple stock declined following the launch of the new iPhone, the company is expected to gain momentum post-launch. People who rushed to lock down their credit and want to make any other big purchases may find the same inconveniences. In the rear camera, the wide-angle lens will have a f/1.8 aperture; the telephoto lens will get a f/2.4 aperture.

You've got your eye on a new iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, but there's just one problem: you're still in a potentially contracted relationship with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6, and need to figure out how to efficiently break up before placing your order.

This rapid aging wasn't as much of an issue back when we were all (in the U.S., at least) locked into two-year contracts with our phone carriers, and most of the price of a new smartphone was hidden away - it just made sense to upgrade if you had the means. Where manufacturers are trying to offer a bezel-less device, however, they failed to offer the same like the iPhone X.

While the $999 price tag of the recently unveiled iPhone X is eye-watering for many US consumers, the figure is actually on the low end, in comparison to prices for the device in various worldwide markets.

Analysts are betting on a slow uptake of the top-end phone, because of both production delays and the high price.

With Apple's latest iPhone devices now on their way to market, the company has officially ushered in the next evolution of charging - which would be wirelessly, via the universal Qi (pronounced "Chi") standard.

Apple iPhone 8 Price in India starts at Rs. 64,000 for 64GB storage and Rs. 77,000 for 256GB model.

Did Apple bring Face ID to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus? The learning curve will be interesting to watch. The iPhone X boasts two new major features, a new edge-to-edge "Super Retina Display" and the replacement of the mechanical home button with the ability to unlock your phone with Face ID.

The image is showing the colour variants of the 3 iPhone's.

According to Apple the processor is the all Bionic, "the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone".

It has enhanced features on the portrait mode due to having offered the portrait lighting that you can go back and change even after the picture is taken. Among other things, that runs contrary to decades in which high-tech device prices have fallen over time, often dramatically, even as the gadgets themselves acquired new features and powers.

The new Apple TV, called Apple TV 4K, was an iteration of the last model, which introduced a touch pad remote control.

But that is not how the iPhone warranties work. Also, I might be able to avoid any hiccups related to the first-generation of an entirely new phone.

We've got our fingers crossed that the 1080 x 1920 HD resolution of the 2016 model gets bumped up this time around, but so far all we've heard is that the vertical pixel count might get a small boost to 2160 pixels (so a 2:1 aspect ratio).