Apple iOS 11 not working

The expanded Control Centre on iO7. You can customize your Control Centre functions in settings

By now, most supported - and regularly updated - apps will have been made compatible with iOS 11, but that doesn't mean all of your favorite apps will survive the transition.

That's iOS 11, Apple's newest mobile operating system, and there are some good reasons not to ignore the update.

After weeks of speculation and reported leaks that were heavily scrutinized, Apple's new operating system update, iOS 11, is finally available for a download.

Previously, a rather vaguely worded "Coming This Fall" label was already added to the Apple Pay Cash page on the company's website - so there was a chance that Cash wouldn't roll out on iOS 11's launch day. And corresponding to that time Indian iPhone users should get it around 10:30 PM today.

Thanks to drag and drop on iPad, you cab also use the power of Multi-Touch to quickly and easily move text, images, and files between apps and select multiple items with just a few taps. Now in beta, the update comes packed with new features, giving the users a new and improved Siri voice assistant and more.

Will your iPhone/iPad get the update?

Apple's iOS 11 software for iPhone and iPad is now available to download.

Reporter Patrick Johnston is hoping we order this Vimle sectional for the newsroom
Reporter Patrick Johnston is hoping we order this Vimle sectional for the newsroom

iPod Touch 6th generation.

There's also the option of plugging in the iOS device into a Mac, and updating via iTunes. In fact, the Control Centre can now be organised with users' favourite functions, with around 15 buttons free for customisation.

According to a Gizbot report, following the new guidelines, Apple took down a number of misleading apps that were listed on the App Store. It will then automatically start downloading once the download is available.

The update is aimed at making the tablet more of a computer replacement, with a Files app for keeping track of where data is on your machine, multitasking features and a Dock at the bottom of the screen for opening and switching through apps. This is around 10.30 PM IST for users based in India. The iOS 11 update should appear in there.

At the moment it isn't clear why Apple removed this feature from the App Store, but our best guess is that people probably weren't using it much. As mentioned above, please do backup your device before performing the update if you do not want to lose your contacts or precious photos.

Here's a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to download and install watchOS 4 final on your Apple Watch right now. However, if you do not receive a notification or miss out on it, you can also run the update manually.