Apple acknowledges Apple Watch Series 3 has LTE connectivity issues

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The early reviews of the new, LTE-flavored Apple Watch are in, and they've found a problem. Can it really offer me anything new that my current model can't?

Apple said Wednesday there is a problem in the Watch that will be fixed with an upcoming software patch. This means that those who order now, will receive their new Apple Watch by 6th October, at the very latest. The new Watch appeared to try to connect to unknown WiFi networks instead of connecting to cellular, when I was out and about without my phone.

I'll be interested to hear your experiences with the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE after it starts shipping on Friday. "But I'd wait to see what the X can do, and how it feels". "I made a half-hour call to my mom as I walked into town a half mile away to get an iced coffee".

The problem is, apparently, isolated to only a few cases, and it only happens when you're near an open Wi-Fi network you've previously used on your iPhone or Mac, like at a Starbucks or McDonald's. It's also a great feature for anyone who simply just doesn't want to tote their phone to the gym. You need a data add-on from the same wireless provider as your phone. Let's take a look, shall we? Exact pricing will depend on the carrier, though, so definitely ask them what the deal is. At this modest price difference, why wouldn't you choose the more powerful, more versatile Watch? Now that I've gotten a taste of the phone-free life, I think I'd find it hard to go back.

At its recent product launch event, Apple said the Series 3 would be available with an LTE cellular connection, which theoretically would allow users to make phone calls and stream music without carrying their phone. It seems like you could just save yourself the money and use the phone you already pay for as your phone. Although the device is nearly precisely the same dimensions and weight as earlier iterations, Apple chose to make the circle inside the watch's side dial bright red.

"Phone anxiety is a weird, and, for me at least, irrational thing".

The new operating system will also let iPhone users transfer money from iPhone to iPhone using Apple Pay. The Series 3 is a big leap forward for the device considering it now has two different models: one features GPS and the other features GPS + Cellular.

You can also run into trouble while roaming, particularly internationally. It's not bad, and if you've been happy with previous iPhones, you'll be happy with this one. Apple is using the dot to distinguish the LTE watch models.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on when that update might arrive.

In addition, the hand-off issue sounds intermittent at most. The app shows your average resting heart rate, your walking beats per minute, your pulse during a workout, details about your heart rate during recovery from a workout, and more.

The company eventually acknowledged the issue through an official statement. These can help you gauge your overall fitness. And you can now hear Siri responses on the watch speaker, something enabled by the new version's faster processor. They did assure the public that their investigation into the problem will lead to a software patch release in the future.