Andrea Riseborough on Misogyny, Sexuality and the Power of Billie Jean King

Emma Stone made her “incredible” Hillary Clinton meeting really awkward: “I look like I'm naked”

'"We call on all nations to work with us to try to end the threat caused to us by Kim Jong-un"'. We found a shape and body that we liked and we made them.

Of course, King's sexual awakening isn't all sunshine and rainbows; we also see how it affects her spouse, like Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams in "Brokeback Mountain" (2005). It's easy to say, "You've come a long way, baby". And there are a lot of dealers around the country. That's what it's like to battle people who don't care what happens when you do.

After working on La La Land and Gangster Squad together, what was it like reuniting with Emma Stone?

"Battle of the Sexes" is scheduled to land in theaters on September 22. In 1972, a year before she would play Riggs, she was named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year, becoming both the first tennis player and the first female to garner the honor. We had quite a lot of fittings. She spoke of being "less bitchy" as she transitioned from the tour to her efforts to promote team tennis. Not only is Billie Jean's story inspiring, but I was at a panel with her the other day, and she said something really unbelievable where she was like, There's no such thing as an 'influencer, ' someone who's an 'influencer.' She was like, You're all influencers. Her body was such a different animal. "She now has over 40 years of hindsight on the depth of what she was going through at age 29, which was invaluable, but it was really mostly steeping myself in the early 1970s".

Any standout costumes in the film? What time was she gonna drop me off? "It awakened her sexually, it woke up her heart, made it sing".

In 2010, her alma mater, Cal State Los Angeles, dedicated the Billie Jean King Athletic Complex.

It was here that the Oscar-winning actress fell victim to her outfit choice, as her strapless dress wasn't visible behind the top, making it look as though she was completely starkers backstage. I kept waiting for the scene where he was going to do and say frightful things, and he never does. At least, I do. "So it was really awesome to get to play her".

Kramer is the film's real villain, and by casting Pullman - charming and full of gravitas even when he's being a prick - it makes a strong (and trenchant) statement that deeds count more than words, that the sheen of "respectability" is usually your enemy, not your friend. What's the story behind it?

"They kept me so busy after that, but that's how I was feeling, such relief", says King. His brainstorm to get back into the limelight: challenge Billie Jean to a tennis match.

Riggs roars in front of Billie Jean King
Riggs roars in front of Billie Jean King

Right - no gay sports icons in those days.

It's nice to see that Stone has clearly moved past the panic attacks that once used to cripple her. One of our first ideas was: what if I were to write classical style music but written for 1970's rock band instrumentation, electric guitars and electric bass and drums and an electric rock organ that is woven in through the whole movie.

For all the effort she put into it, the typically humble Stone is quick to credit her and Carell's doubles for a lot of the long shots in the film's climactic match, which had to resemble numerous actual plays so many have seen.

"Compared to her, the people thought Howard Cosell was an angel", an operator told the Tribune.

She knows she's stuck.

"We think of Billie Jean as this courageous fighter for equality".

Ah, the best part!

"[Misogyny is] with us every day, it's something that I go out into the world bracing myself against on a regular basis", she says. But she came and visited during prep, which was really key for us because we were really trying to replicate that dress in the battle.