Tillerson urging Trump to certify Iran's compliance with nuclear deal

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, shown shaking hands with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday warned that exiting the Obama administration's nuclear agreement'would carry a high cost for the United States of America

When asked if he planned to back out to the deal he has said is an "embarrassment to the United States", Trump told reporters, "I have decided".

"The Khorramshahr missile has become smaller in size and more tactical and it will be operational in the near future". "Tehran stepped up its ballistic missile program and missile launches".

"It is time to move beyond President Obama's appeasement of Iran and to begin work on a comprehensive new approach that fully addresses the menace that the Iranian regime increasingly poses to American and global security", the letter said.

With such a range, the missile would be easily capable of reaching Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Iranian officials have argued that the measure only applies to missiles specifically created to carry nuclear warheads.

"We have learned (from the history of the two world wars) that it was not "Germany first" that made our country strong and prosperous, rather it was "European and worldwide responsibility first" that gave us Germans peace and prosperity".

"They have complied with some details of the agreement but, they have not given inspectors access to military sites, and we don't know what they are doing there".

"What's different about President Trump's approach to the nuclear deal is his approach to Iran broadly", McMaster said on NBC.

Responding to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's allegations that Russian Federation is impeding efforts aimed at the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, including by "seeking to weaken the International Atomic Energy Agency's independence in investigating clandestine nuclear programs", Nebenzia said the claims took him aback.

Tillerson said Wednesday that Iran is in "technical compliance" with the 2015 nuclear agreement, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), despite the accord not having stopped the threat posed by Tehran.

The governor of Guam Eddie Calvo says North Korea would be destroyed by the United States if it fires missiles at the U.S. territory. When we came in under the Obama administration, Iran was a threshold nuclear state. "That is a concern for the whole region".

In Berlin, German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries said Germany, as one of Iran's most important trading partners in Europe, had a "great interest" in preserving the agreement.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, which monitors the pact, has found no "material breaches" by Iran, a judgment with which Washington has concurred.

"I didn't know he was going to say today he made a decision", Tillerson said, with a sheepish look.

Trump often calls the Iranians the rogue regime.

Trump put Iran "on notice" in February for test-firing a ballistic missile and imposed new economic sanctions in July over its missile programme and "malign activities" in the Middle East.

Iran expert Sanam Vakil, an associate fellow with the UK's Chatham House, said that Rouhani was playing to both the worldwide and domestic audience.

Gabriel said Germany would have to consider whether to stick to the agreement even if Washington backed out, but said that could prove "very hard", given that the United States would immediately impose new sanctions against Iran.