NFL Comments Had Nothing to Do with Race

Goodell, NFL Players' Defense of Anthem Protesters Likely to Backfire

Speaking at a rally on Friday, Trump offered his opinion on players in American sports leagues who are choosing to kneel during the singing of the U.S. national anthem to draw attention to alleged police brutality against people of colour. Since Friday, the Commander in Chief has called for National Football League fans to walk out of games if they saw a player kneel, and added on Twitter that the National Football League should fire or suspend players who take a knee.

At the New England Patriots game against the Houston Texans, quarterback Tom Brady linked arms with his teammates.

"No, I don't agree with the president", Harbaugh said.

Amid the wave of protests on Sunday, Trump repeatedly doubled-down on his criticism.

"The athletes of this country, we're looked up to, OK?" said Tony Gonzalez, former National Football League tight end, on the network's pregame show. She said she gets exhausted of people relating taking a knee to disrespecting the military and a lack of patriotism.

NASCAR again proved to be an insular oddity in American sports culture on Sunday as Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series pre-race festivities at New Hampshire Motor Speedway were completely devoid of the type of national anthem protests that have permeated other professional sports. Other players on both teams who remained standing locked arms with Jaguars owner Shad Khan.

This comes as a reaction to a feud that ignited over the weekend between Trump and the NFL.

"I've never said anything about race", Trump said when asked whether he was "inflaming racial tensions" by a reporter. Several players have since made similar gestures.

The move sparked a heated debate, with Kaepernick's supporters saying he had the right to protest perceived mistreatment by the government, and opponents saying it was disrespectful to American values. Goodell criticized President Donald Trump for his Friday comments about NFL players who protest during the national anthem.

However, NFL managers, coaches and owners began to weigh in on the escalating feud today, criticising the president for calling out players' political dissent.

In tweets posted on Sunday morning, the US President told fans if they boycott matches 'you will see change take place fast.

Khan, who contributed $1 million to the Trump campaign, released a statement on Facebook explaining his decision.

"We're proud of our country, we respect our flag", Trump said at a rally Friday. And that owner, they don't know it.

The protest spilled into baseball, with Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxell kneeling during the anthem before a game against the Texas Rangers.

The comments, allied with Trump's withdrawal of an invitation to the White House for the National Basketball Association champion Golden State Warriors, sparked a backlash from some of the biggest names in professional sports.

Mr Curry told a news conference in California: "It's beneath the leader of a country to go that route".