Puerto Rico faces weeks without electricity after Maria

A Puerto Rico Power Authority worker walks between downed power lines in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

"My family's still there, my heart is still there and just watching them going through this is not easy", said Ramos. "Please calm people. There isn't a breach, and 70,000 people aren't going to die".

Rapper, singer and songwriter Maria Isa was married in Puerto Rico on July 29th. Shneur, an Israeli who has been living on the island for nine months, recalled the morning he woke up and saw Puerto Rico in its current state: "The roofs collapsed". For more than 10 years, Puerto Rico has been suffering from a recession and in desperation, declared bankruptcy in May 2017. Vazquez and Velez said because of inequality there, the barrios, or outlying areas, were impacted harder. His family was safe and he had been in contact with the hospital; so far the generators were working and the patients were okay. "The ones still up have no leaves". Is there a number where they can call to try to get some updated information in that regard? "All of these circumstances, and he keeps a sense of humor". Journalist Julio Ricardo Varela tweeted a friend's Facebook post alleging "the worst could be yet to come" in Puerto Rico. Wind and rain devastated the small island nation, home to almost 3.5 million American citizens.

"As Americans, we don't know the depth of suffering that other people are experiencing", said Laurie Letts, one of the coordinators for the evangelical Christian group's relief mission.

It damaged telephone masts across the island, and officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency say they will take satellite phones to towns and cities which have been cut off.

"It's unbelievable that on Tuesday, I said goodbye to my family in the airport", said Franzen. "It was devastating to see all that kind of debris in all areas, in all towns of the island", Jenniffer González, who represents the island in Congress, told CNN. There living in wooden houses and shacks and structures that look like sheds. "They are wonderful people". "What do they do?" Once airports reopen, American Airlines is set to resume travel operations to St. Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dennison is one of many in this collection effort. "That's nature fighting back".

State Sen. Melisa Franzen of Edina, who was born in Puerto Rico, urged people to help with relief efforts in any way they can. Carlos, thank you very much for taking a few minutes with us.

"What we expect to find is damaged infrastructure, no power, no water", he said. Maria's heavy rains forced a crack in a Puerto Rican dam. Tu sabes como es.nos ayudamos uno a la otro en momentos asi. "But we're strong and need your help".