Roy Moore vs. Luther Strange

Sen. Luther Strange R-Ala. who replaced Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate does a TV interview on Capitol Hill in Washington

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Washington Republicans were startled on Tuesday and President Donald Trump was dealt a political setback as his chosen candidate to win the U.S. Senate race in Alabama was defeated by an insurgent candidate backed by his former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Based on the unreported areas, we don't expect unusual to be able to make up the ground needed to win.

Trump hedged his bets last Friday, suggesting in a campaign appearance in Alabama that he "might have made a mistake" in endorsing odd over Moore.

"The hype here in the last week or two with the President coming in and Moore coming in and bringing in Sarah Palin and several other people, so we are getting a little more excitement", said Gerald Knight, Lee County GOP chairman.

"Moore's ideology is an express belief that God's law and his interpretation of God's law stand on top of man's law", said David Dinielli, deputy director of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The result represents a risky challenge to the Republican Party leadership in Washington of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, of the Senate and House respectively, because it will be seen as a fresh rebuke to the party establishment by Republican voters in the southern state. Moore's refusal to distinguish the public interest from his private agenda was a brazen assault on the country's core institutions, the likes of which even Trump has not matched.

His defiance made him a local hero to many, and that anti-establishment streak was on display Monday, when Moore, wearing a cowboy hat and vest, pulled a small pistol from his pocket and brandished it briefly before the crowd to show his support for gun rights. And, like Trump, Moore would make an unusually toxic addition to Washington.

Trump has been outspokenly supportive of odd since before the August primary, but according to Politico, he is becoming increasingly resigned to a loss, and is ready to support Moore in the general election. Luther Strange started way back & ran a good race.

Trump has provided a bit of a distraction from his potentially embarrassing endorsement this week, by launching a battle against the NFL and players who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial discrimination and police brutality.

Republicans have been anxiously watching Alabama on Tuesday, as GOP voters have headed to the polls to choose their candidate in the state's special Senate election. "Vote for Senator Luther Strange, tough on crime & border - will never let you down!" I'm a Trump voter. In the 2015 Louisiana governor's race, Republicans abandoned Sen.

"Tomorrow, there's a lot on the line", unusual said, speaking in front of a large American flag in the rally with Pence.

President Trump deleted a round of tweets pumping Sen.

Unusual was appointed to the US Senate earlier this year to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, whom Trump picked to be his attorney general.

"Republicans now have their nominee for the special election and the choice facing Alabama this December could not be clearer", Van Hollen said in a statement.

Walking into the humid hangar to hear Pence, 57-year-old Randy Beasley of Springville said he had been undecided in the race but was swayed to vote for odd because of his backing from the National Rifle Association. He was re-elected to the job, and then ousted again in 2016, when he refused to follow the US Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), who is merely an extreme Trump supporter. She held up a sign reading: "Mr. President and Mr. V.P". "If somebody else wins, I will tell you, that's gonna be a very tough race". CNN's Andrew Kaczynski dug up audio of Moore arguing that 9/11 was divine punishment for America's embrace of sodomy and abortion.

"It's how I feel in my heart", Green said. "He had an obligation to odd".