Blade Runner 2049 - The Sequel Almost Equals the Original

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Now and then we're handed a big commercial movie (this one's budget runs in the neighborhood of $150 million) that seizes the day and reasserts the plain fact that film is a visual medium.

The Telegraph gave Blade Runner 2049 five stars out of five, writing: "Harrison Ford is extraordinary in the most spectacular, provocative blockbuster of our time".

The sci-fi drama stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford - who reprised his character, Rick Deckard, from the original 1982 film.

Opening in Philippine cinemas and IMAX on Friday, October 6, Blade Runner 2049 is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Julianne Moore, who previously worked with Haynes in Far From Heaven and Safe, reunites with Haynes in the feature that's adapted by Brian Selznick's book. "I think it's more interesting to be in a relationship with the unknown than to have certainty".

"Blade Runner 2049", the superb new sequel by Denis Villeneuve ("Arrival"), doesn't just honor that legacy, but, arguably, surpasses it, with a smart, grimly lyrical script (by Fancher and Michael Green of the top-notch "Logan"); bleakly handsome cinematography (by Roger Deakins); and an even deeper dive into questions of the soul.

And it all paid off - Bautista looks like a hulk in this thrilling mini-prequel to Blade Runner 2049. To say any more would be a crime, trust me there. "I deeply love doubt; I love questions; I don't like answers", Villeneuve says. "But I was much happier with Ridley's Final Cut than the one with the voice-over and them sailing into the sunset". In the 2014 hacking scandal, Angelina Jolie was revealed to show interest in the film as well, but producer Scott Rudin wasn't too fond of her. Johan and I decided that I will need to go in another direction-that's what I will say. "I saw (the story) potential and I also was anxious to work with the people involved". "Do you have any ideas?' I did have some ideas and we thought about going ahead, but the rights were very confusing".

It's one of the most emotional moments in the history of science fiction. Blade Runner 2049 was screened for Chicago critics in Dolby cinema, highlighting the insane amount of detail in each shot, but even without the best quality image clarity, the film is bound to look damn good. It's 30 years later in the future of this world as well, but it feels like home to fans of the original movie.

"It's an existential story", director Denis Villeneuve told Reuters. However, some replicants rebelled against their masters which prompted the government to bring in police investigators or Blade Runners to hunt down and apprehend rogue replicants. And It's a pretty safe bet that Gosling hit up Puk or another MMA/ Muay Thai trainer to get into Blade Runner shape. "And this film (presents) a world where many challenges are environmental, and the environment is so critical to our lives, we can see some of the effects of not maintaining a healthy world".