Alberta mother of four killed in Las Vegas mass shooting

Tara Roe seen here with her husband Zach is the fourth Canadian confirmed dead following Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas

I am with a young man who died in my arms!

McIldoon said Jordan, an apprentice mechanic, had been in Vegas with his girlfriend since Thursday. "And then I just felt the fingers go loose".

As thousands of terrified music fans frantically ran for their lives, many rushed into the bar area where Gooze was working to take shelter.

In a Facebook posting that could not immediately be verified, Heather Gooze of Las Vegas said she was outside the festival grounds when the Canadian passed away.

"We called his mom".

"I wouldn't leave him or go anywhere until I could make sure that they knew where he was and what was going on", she recalls. This can't be happening.' 'You know, ' I told her, 'I was here. "I would want someone to do the same for me".

She asked the friend to contact McIldoon's parents.

"It has been a challenging time for our division yet we continue to stand together and support one another".

Jessica Klymchuk of Valleyview, Alta., was also killed in Sunday's attack. She promised Angela that she would stay with her son, which she did for almost six hours. "The prognosis is good", he said in a statement issued on Facebook.

A private neighbourhood gathering was planned Tuesday night in honour of Roe Smith and her family. "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected by this unimaginable attack".

After spending the first part of her life in Brandon, Roe made her way to Alberta where she linked up with Calgary-based Sophia Models International approximately 10 years ago.

Police shut down busy Las Vegas Boulevard, and federal and state authorities converged on the scene.

Loretta Hamilton
Alberta mother of four killed in Las Vegas mass shooting

The young man's girlfriend, from whom he had been separated during the panic at the concert, called his cellphone, which Gooze answered.

The two were planning to get married and have a family.

"I helped carry injured and bodies, it was chaos. hid for a bit but too many people hurt, needed to help", she wrote.

On the morning after almost 600 people were killed or injured in Las Vegas in the deadliest mass shooting in US history, two grandmothers met at the front gate of a rural Maple Ridge home, embraced, and cried.

Joseph Lambourne of Teulon, Man., told CTV Winnipeg he was headed to Vegas to be with his wife, Jan, who was wounded in the shooting along with her friend Jody Ansell of Stonewall, Man.

Skylar Lee says Roe was a joy to be around and was kind and loving and that she was always there to help out.

"I can't ever thank you enough".

"It scared the hell out of me", he said.

He said he and his son had purchased plane tickets and were headed to Nevada to be with January.

Outside of work, Ms. Roe and her husband were busy raising two boys and involved with the local hockey community.

Sheldon Mack of British Colombia was shot in the abdomen and is recovering in an intensive care unit after surgery.

She remembers hearing fireworks and sirens, which she assumed was part of a show until she opened the window.