Leftists Demand America 'Ban Guns, All of Them'

The NRA is the country's most active and successful terrorist organization

Before the shooting that killed at least 59 people - the worst mass shooting in modern USA history - House GOP leaders had been moving forward with bills to ease regulations on gun silencers and allow people with concealed-carry permits to take their weapons to other states.

Almost 12,000 Americans have been killed by guns in 273 mass shootings in 2017 so far? one incident for each day.

Last night's horror brings a lot of things into question one of which is how gun control laws play into this massacre.

During his remarks, Northam said, "We as a society need to stand up and say it is time to take action against gun violence".

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the commander-in-chief wouldn't be discussing policy any time soon.

The 2016 presidential election and several high-profile terrorist attacks in 2015 are believed to be the cause of the surge in gun sales nationwide in 2016.

The GW College Democrats also called for gun control reforms in a statement Monday.

"I urge you to create a Select Committee on Gun Violence to study and report back common sense legislation to help end this crisis".

Kelly lamented the Las Vegas shooting, which left at least 58 dead and 515 injured, as another incident that has altered the lives of many people. But I do have to say how quickly the police department was able to get in was really very much of a miracle.

The images from Las Vegas are sickening.

Paul Barrett, deputy director at the Stern Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University, tells Here & Now's Robin Young that he thought the shooter used an automatic weapon when he heard cellphone recordings of the attack.

The gun lobby is stronger than any president, it is stronger than any voices in Congress, and we will continue to reap its murderous whirlwind.

Jessica Yerkey (C) who attended the Route 91 country music festival reacts at a makeshift memorial on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 3, 2017.

So where the hell is the collective outrage each time there is a slaughter in an American school or concert or movie theater? Now is the time to take positive action to keep America safer.

"We're making strides state by state, but our federal laws are weakening the state laws such as silencers". California's are among the strictest, with complete bans on assault weapons and large ammunition magazines, and weapons have flowed from Nevada into the state. Defiant Second Amendment proponents are also thinking up ways to manufacture ghost guns that will escape the prying eyes of security barriers.

Republicans note that when Democrats did enjoy that kind of one-party dominance in Washington - during the first two years of former President Barack Obama's administration - they took no major action to pass tougher gun legislation.

On Monday's broadcast of NBC's "Today", Tom Brokaw argued that it's impossible to have a conversation on what kind of firearms can be purchased because it becomes emotionally-charged between gun owners "who are protected by the NRA, and other people who are saying, 'There ought to be a more reasonable middle ground'".