Texas children at risk of losing health insurance

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Hilda Shirk, president and CEO of SouthEast Lancaster Health Services, said federal funding for other safety net programs including community health centers such as SouthEast also expired Saturday.

CHIP is an insurance program established to ensure that lower income families could access quality health care services for their children - even if their own household income wasn't quite low enough for the family itself to enroll in Medicaid. The current reauthorization ran out on September 30, after desultory efforts in the Senate to extend the program for two years were sidetracked by the last-minute effort to enact the Graham-Cassidy legislation.

"Senator Cochran expects Congress to act soon to reauthorize the program, which is important to many families in MS, before the state exhausts its CHIP funding", said Chris Gallegos.

The federal government and the states have historically shared the cost of CHIP, with Washington paying approximately 70 percent of the cost in a typical state.

"When you talk with any family, the thought of losing that is concerning, and they need their treatment and care", Department of Human Services spokesperson Matt Highland said.

Thanks to the CHIP program, the rate of children without health insurance dropped to below 7 percent.

Efforts are expected to begin in the House this week, to hopefully prevent long-term financial problems for those who depend on CHIP. That may not be true in every state - Minnesota officials report that their funding situation is already dire, and they aren't alone - and there's no reason for confidence that Congress will actually get its act together in time.

Heather O'Laughlin: That would include routine checkups, preventative care, some dental and vision coverage, and also coverage for serious health conditions.

"Reductions in CHIP coverage will result in coverage losses for children and negative effects on children's health and family finances".

While most states have put aside some money to cover the cost of CHIP in exactly this kind of scenario, 10 states will run out of funding by the end of this year, according to ABC News.

Hatch, R-Utah, and Sen.

Congress' failure to act on the $15 billion annual appropriation does not immediately leave these youngsters uninsured. So far, though, the state said it is not moving to suspend service or enrollment or alert enrollees about any possible changes. Arizona receives a 100% federal match on CHIP funds, thanks to the ACA enhancement. Montana is one of the states where CHIP funding would run out faster than other states, is that right? "CHIP has a proven track record of success, stemming from its adherence to the fundamental principles of state administrative flexibility, personal responsibility, and innovation aimed at enhancing health outcomes for beneficiaries".

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About $165 million in CHIP funding was spent on Medicaid recipients a year ago; $198 million was spent on children in All Kids, according to the Medicaid office.

"We're still holding out hope for a bipartisan deal", Hand said.

In a few months, around 35,000 children in Idaho could be without health coverage.