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New fund launched to tackle mental health issues

NHS mental health staff are assaulted more than 42,000 times a year

There should be access to confidential telephone lines to help deal with stressful work-related issues that people don't feel comfortable talking about face to face with their managers. A study at a police department in Australia (registered at ISRCTN, protocol in BMC Psychiatry) investigated whether improved leadership skills and mental health literacy lead to an improvement in working conditions.

Implementation and enforcement of health and safety policies and practices, including identification of distress, harmful use of psychoactive substances and illness and providing resources to manage them; Informing staff that support is available; Involving employees in decision-making, conveying a feeling of control and participation; organizational practices that support a healthy work-life balance; Programmes for career development of employees and Recognizing and rewarding the contribution of employees.

When employees suffer from mental health issues, this is likely to impair their performance and output at work, it is thus in the interest of the employer to support them to recover as soon as possible and to provide a workplace that foster mental wellbeing. Safe spaces can mean different things to different people, so don't be scared to ask your employees what they would like.

The courses are created to help businesses and their employees start conversations about mental health issues and support their efforts to begin building a positive mental health culture in their organisations.

However, a new survey suggests that most people don't think their colleagues would react well to any mention of mental disorders.

To make a real change See Me is also calling for people to join it in a movement to end mental health discrimination.

It's important to not only capture the views and experiences of victims, witnesses and people who have been involved in crime but from professionals too.

Almost half of UK adults aged over 55 say they have experienced depression, according to a YouGov survey carried out for Age UK, highlighting the scale of the mental health challenge facing this age group.

She said: "When I first got help with my mental health problems I found it really hard to open up to friends and family".

"Mental Health Awareness Day is an innovative way of raising the issues that surround attitudes to mental health".

Creating an 'office wellness room' separated from the busy workspace and dedicated to socialising can encourage team members to really get to know each other in a personal capacity. "There is no specific mention of mental health but it does not mean you can not bring it up as long as it affects the productivity of the employees", he said. Just-in-time interventions provided via mobile devices (or to put it more simply, text messages) are now being tested in two studies to see whether they can enhance assertiveness and reduce stress among adolescent apprentices at workplaces in Switzerland. The work that Pieta House does to help anyone who needs to speak to someone is astounding and we are delighted to be partnering with them for the second year of "Time to Talk".

But it's very clear to see that with Higher Education in the state that it's now in, universities need to do more to support their students in a world that is becoming all the more uncertain for young people leaving university. Waller-Bridge's portrayal of "Fleabag" is relatable for a number of people who've experienced something horrendously life-changing and still live with the consequences.

In July, the story of how a CEO responded when his employee took a "meantal health day off" sparked optimism around how the topic of mental health is now approached in the workplace.