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Local reaction to Boy Scouts announcement

One family two Scouts, why the Girl Scout wants to switch to her brother's organization

But the Girl Scouts of the U.S. have opposed the plan, saying the move was put into place because of financial problems.

"It's a one-stop-shop for us now so that we can provide a program for both boys and girls so that the families can scout together", says Angie Smith.

The Boy Scouts of America announced that starting in the fall of 2018, girls will be allowed to join their Cub Scouts program.

Boy Scout's of America says that the change comes from efforts to help busy families consolidate programs for their children.

The Boy Scouts of America announced a major policy changes Wednesday.

She is among many Girl Scout alumni concerned that camping and other outdoor activities have lost their prominence in the programming now promoted by the GSUSA.

The empowerment of girls is at the core of The Girl Scouts mission, so the organization has maintained its girls-only status for all of its programs, "Our curriculum and programs were all developed specifically for girls".

The program being designed for older girls and anticipated for 2019, he said, is now not meant to integrate girls into Boy Scout troops but to expand Boy Scout programming to girls.

To become an Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts must complete a service project, have 21 merit badges including specific required ones, serve in a leadership position, be an active member, present recommendations and participate in a unit leader conference before the age of 18.

If she had been born a few decades later, Parker wouldn't have had to seek out a sub-program of the Boy Scouts for her adventures. "It's an excellent program for boys or girls".

Zach Wahls is an Eagle Scout.

For months, Girl Scouts USA had a notion BSA would try to start recruiting girls.

Public opinion studies carried out by the Boy Scouts showed strong support for the changes among parents not now connected to the Scouts, including Hispanic and Asian families that the group has been trying to attract. He tweeted, "I am an Eagle Scout". Reyes dismissed the move as "a marketing ploy that will eventually fail as more families stay away from both organizations". "Research shows that girls want and thrive in all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environments where their specific needs are addressed, and we will continue to deliver this". "I think all the things that maybe developmental wise that somebody could get from Boy Scouts, they get from Girl Scouts". He says the decision is one of convenience and expanding opportunities.

"I think it's a good thing for us", Tucker said.

The new challenge from the Boy Scouts is only the latest in a string of difficulties faced by the Girl Scouts over the past 15 years.

Information for this article was contributed by David Crary of The Associated Press; by Niraj Chokshi of The New York Times; and by Hunter Field of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.