Local church delivers nearly 1000 meals

Ag Hall hosts 50th Community Thanksgiving Dinner

All the food prepared for the meal was homemade and purchased locally. Church Deacon Mike Alpers says team work is just one part of what makes the event run so smoothly.

Church pastor, The Rev. J. Scott Barber, observed the assembly-line of volunteers filling foam food containers with turkey, mashed potatoes, collard greens and other warm, homemade dishes.

"It's a labor of love", Eash said Wednesday by phone while she was on her way to pick up a few extra groceries for the meal.

Church members offered a free lunch on china plates to roughly 200 people who gathered for the meal. "There's no one person", said Joe Lucas.

Several young volunteers lent a hand Thursday.

"They did a great job", said church member Mary Rhodes.

"We eat here on Thanksgiving and we eat here on Christmas with everyone else", Barrows, 62, said.

"We feel very blessed that we get to do this and to get to help out people in the community".

Linda said squash was hard to carve so he created a special squash cutter which was donated to the Community Friends Thanksgiving after his death.

"It helps them be better students, it helps them be better young men and women", Barber said. Those in need register throughout the year to have the meals delivered to them.

Traditional Thanksgiving food-featuring turkey and all the trimmings-will be served. "But here they can sit down, take off their coat and be served".

Meanwhile, the Woodstock Community Center still had a full house by 4pm closing time, with nearly 32 people still lined up outside the door.

"I'd probably be in my pajamas watching TV", said Vera Michelson. "I thought it was a good opportunity to teach them a little bit about serving other people - not pre-judging people - everyone's got a story". More than 100 meal deliveries for homebound residents had been scheduled as of Tuesday afternoon and Johnson said they're expecting about five times that many people at the church.