Rutgers graduate students join national protest of GOP tax cuts

At the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Dr. Jeffrey Gordon and graduate student Vanessa Ridaura examine samples of gut bacteria taken from fat or lean people in 2013. Such research on obesity might be thwarted if fewer graduate stude

Graduate and Ph.D. students at the University of Minnesota joined a national day of rallying against a version of tax reform that has passed in the United States House of Representatives. That measure would amount to a pay cut of thousands of dollars for graduate students by reclassifying their tuition waivers as taxable income.

Repealing the popular Student Debt Interest Deduction - on top of counting tuition waivers as taxable income - would make it enormously more hard for our students, especially those from low- to middle-income families or underrepresented minority groups, to repay the loans needed to seek and earn a master's or doctoral degree. Now the rule of thumb is the recommendation that you give to prospective PhD students: "If they have to pay tuition and they're not being paid a living stipend, they should not enter the PhD program". He spoke to the crowd about his own experience as a graduate student. To oppose our unionization, the administration here has repeatedly cited this money that we never see as evidence of our privileged status, suggesting that our income is much higher than it actually is (the exact argument they now want us to deter Congress from making). The new tax plan calls for $65 billion savings from public and private universities and their students, over the next 10 years.

"Tax reform should not be borne on the backs of our hardworking graduate students", continued the statement, signed by Napolitano as well as Student Regent Paul Monge and Student Regent-designate Devon Graves.

"The university continues to follow related legislative developments closely and their potential effects on our students", said an OU spokesman in an email.

"This would be devastating, my taxable income would more than double", said Hannah Khoddam, a PhD candidate in clinical science at the University of Southern California. While most would agree that low-income undergraduate students are most in need of assistance, most of the benefits of federal policy flow to better-off graduate students.

"It's not like this thing passes and we will have an option to work, to pick up an extra job", Kumar said.

If the two bills differ, a final solution may come through the reconciliation process.

"It was only because OU was offering me a tuition waiver and scholarship that I could afford to come to the USA and study here".

They're anxious that adding more financial stress for future graduate students to navigate will make graduate school an unattainable career path for people from low-income backgrounds and families.

As experts have concluded, the bill that passed the House - H.R. 1, or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - will have serious and far-reaching negative implications for USA higher education.

One table hosted a phone bank and laid out step-by-step instructions about how to call state senators and representatives, as well as a word-for-word script on what to say. According to the New York Times, what is at stake is "a repeal of Section 117 (d)(5) of the current tax code". Submit an op-ed about how the proposed graduate-student tax would affect you, your career, or your community. However, this is often unattainable for most as the cost of higher education increases beyond the rate of inflation each year.

The Ohio State Tuition Guarantee freezes tuition, fees, and room and board for incoming first-year students for four years.

"Members of the University's Governing Boards and friends of the University have also expressed their concerns to policymakers, and our federal affairs team in Washington is working around the clock with peers and others to advance our case", he wrote.

All five Republican congressmen from Louisiana voted in favor of the bill, including Rep. Garret Graves.

"There are some areas where we are taking different approaches that will be worked, and can only be worked out, in a conference", Brady said. Republicans know that as you get more educated, you are more likely to hold progressive values and vote for a Democrat. Several debt-forgiveness programs such as Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness primarily benefit high-debt graduate students. "Honestly, it would prevent most of us from continuing our graduate studies".