Introducing Android Oreo (Go edition) with the release of Android 8.1

Reliance JioPhone

Tez will also remind users when certain bills are due. According to Google, their engineers spent over a year tuning the operating system all the way down to the kernel so that it will run well on entry-level devices.

"There are 230 million Indian language users online on Google today and 170 million of them are using our messaging service". Offline sharing is made possible, thanks to old reliable Bluetooth connectivity. Our mission is the Internet for every Indian.

India is a huge market for entry-level smartphones.

Google Go is light on storage and data and works efficiently on patchy connections. They want to capture the next billion users, whilst providing the best experience that they can.

Tech major Google India on Tuesday announced a slew of features to cater to the needs of users in India.

Version 5.0.171119 also brings compatibility with third-party non-Google email accounts so you can add things like an iCloud account, an Outlook account, or even one from Yahoo.

Google Go is a tailor-made app for first-time internet users who mostly use entry-level devices to get their job done.

Additionally, Google also revealed that the Assistant is coming to JioPhone.

What Google is, in fact, giving away is how it has worked and re-worked on software to ensure Android Go becomes the go-to operating system for manufacturers in th days to come. The existing app, YouTube Go now has new features that let users download content easily over Wi-Fi. And today Google also launched the Google Go as an early access app.

The app is less than 5MB in size and the company says that the search result in Google Go is optimized to save up to 40 percent data. In simple words, it is Android Oreo but a toned-down version. Android Go focuses on software while Android One focuses on hardware at a cheaper price point. While it may look like it was geared to low-end phones, the flagship smartphone owners can receive lots of benefits because they no longer have to struggle with device that doesn't support SD card.

While Google has not yet released the names of the manufacturing partners it is working with, the first set of smartphones powered by Oreo (Go Edition) will be launched in a few months from now.