Compared to its Amazon counterparts, the Echo Spot isn't that different

Compared to its Amazon counterparts, the Echo Spot isn't that different

If you buy two, you'll save £40. Let's take a closer look.

Just to reiterate, the Echo Spot is available to pre-order from today for £120 with the twin pack available for £200 and shipping starts on the 24th.

The design makes it ideal as a bedside clock and assistant (as long as you don't mind a camera being trained on you while you sleep), while that lens and the four built-in mics means it can replace traditional baby monitors or video intercoms.

The Echo Spot made its debut alongside other Amazon Echo models back in September 2017, but so far it has been available only in the United States. Of the three buttons, there are controls for volume and the ability to disable the camera/microphone.

Of the major players, Apple perhaps has the most to lose from Google's and Amazon's voice domination.

Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot are voice-controlled speakers designed entirely around your voice-they are always ready, hands-free, and fast. The LCD screen is 7 inches and boasts a resolution of 1024 x 600.

But the screen is so small, and the device has to be plugged would you really be likely to video chat through the device?

The new Echo Spot can do everything the Echo Show can, with varying degrees of success. But alas, despite the other smart speakers - the Echo 2, Echo Plus and Echo Show - all appearing before our New Year's Eve festivities officially kicked off, the Spot didn't launch at the same time as it did for our American friends across the pond. It also provides that essential loop into your Alexaverse, so is fully capable of all the Alexa commands and controls you expect.

Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show Specs: Which is better equipped? That's what we're talking about in the Windows Central forums. The ASK enables developers around the world to build voice experiences for Alexa customers in India.

Microsoft's smartest move might therefore be to cede the larger ecosystem of PCs and settle for tight voice AI integration with its own products, including Office, Skype and Xbox.

The more useful Alexa becomes, the more consumers will value it, something Amazon Alexa director Rob Pulciani is all too aware of.

That said, the sound quality is more akin to the Dot than that kicked out by the Echo Show. "We like to have the microphones at the top to be able to do the far-field recognition". The Echo Show has eight of them.

It's good news then, that the Echo Spot is headed to Blighty later this month.

Smart speakers are having an impact on the amount of time people spend watching TV, listening to the radio, and playing on their smartphones, the survey found. Amazon is selling the Echo Spot for £119.99/$129.99.

In every other way Spot seems identical to Show, but smaller and ballsier.

While the voice tech market is still small in comparison to the mobile app economy, Alexa is growing at a faster pace - VoiceLabs have reported that it will reach $50m in 2018 (compared to just $500,000 two years ago).