Amazon to debut cashier-less store in downtown Seattle

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Upon leaving the store, Amazon will charge a customer's account with their shopping spree, and a receipt will be sent from there.

A grocery store in Seattle is the latest thing infused with Amazon's AI, where you can shop with your smartphone and walk out without checkouts.

While the store is checkout-free, it still has employees who stock the shelves, help customers or make food.

He noted the lack of cashiers, and not even one self-checkout machine.

While the display of your phone is being scanned, so is your face and thanks to the wonders of computer vision, your movements around the shop are also tracked, as are the products that you remove from the shelves.

If you're in the area, Amazon Go can be found at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, near the corner of 7th and Blanchard, and it's open from 7AM to 9PM, Monday through Friday. One of the popular items in Amazon Go, is the ready to cook meal packages.

The Amazon Go store's entrance features a row of electronic gates, similar to a subway station.

At first glance, prices seem comparable to small stores.

It takes up 1,800sq ft of space in the centre of Seattle. The store also offers a simplified selection of grocery items such as milk, condiments, coffee, tea and toilet paper. "I think we're delivering on all three".

Q: Where is Amazon Go located?

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Amazon Go Futuristic Cashierless Grocery Store Opens To Public On Monday

Last year Amazon announced that it was buying Whole Foods for £10billion. "Conversely, this could spell further trouble for the big supermarkets whose shares had already slipped following Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods past year". However, this new Go store isn't completed automated.

Q: Why did you build Amazon Go?

Q: Do you have any people working in the store? Of those 3.5 million, about 870,000 worked in grocery stores. "People pressed for time and hungry". The technology isn't fool-proof, though, and it can get confused when the store is crowded or when items get misplaced in the store.

Dozens of brick-shaped black devices, about the size of a paperback book, are suspended just below the ceiling.

Amazon won't say whether it plans to make more Amazon Go locations, or license its technology to other stores, so this could potentially be a one-off.

The technology behind this experience is called Just Walk Out, according to the Amazon Go website. Watch a video of the system in action here.

The company evidently thinks it has ironed out those kinks. Amazon's algorithms charged the correct amount to each fuzzy character, the news service reported.

Nick Frantsevich said shopping there was a fun and "unusual" experience that felt just a little like shoplifting.

Over the past year only Amazon staff have been able to use the facility, but the open door to the general public will certainly give traditional stores food for thought. Like we mentioned earlier the shelves are embedded with weight sensors, so the system knows when customers pick the items and put them back.