THE WALKING DEAD's "Honor" Gives Us More Old Man Rick Theories

All eyes are on Carl Grimes when

If you want to go into the deep end and really wallow in the darkest timeline, there are even theories comparing the gauzy, atmospheric cinematography in these sequences to the same style we see in season seven, when Rick dreams of having dinner with Glenn and Abraham, long after they've both been beaten to death. When Glenn and Abraham died, it broke him again, but, once more, he came back.

That last question was left largely unanswered in the mid-season premiere, as the show tightened its focus primarily on Carl and his family, coming together for his final moments.

"On the plus side, I'm never going to have to say Carl again", Lincoln jokes in the video, before noting that, "the minuses far outweigh the plusses".

In this episode, there are new details in Carl's ideal dream-future which are clear signs of things that need to happen before peace can be achieved. Her death is still one of the most shocking the show has featured. Just a week after the episode aired, that petition reportedly had garnered 55,000 signatures.

By now, Chandler Riggs has made peace with Carl's demise on The Walking Dead.

Truth be told, Carl was never one of my favourite characters. It's the last shot of Rick up against a tree, apparently shot in the gut. However, I agree with fans who said turning him into zombie meat felt like a shock-value moment - just another plot gimmick from a show that wallows in them way too much.

There you go! The gender non-specific, sort-of nude zombie will show up later on this season, so keep your eyes peeled, because someone clearly peeled the rest of that zombie.

The Walking Dead is not the same show it used to be. The only niggle for me was the "revelation" that the "Old Rick" flash-forwards were some kind of made-up Carlotopia.

In the comic book, the All-Out War saga ends with Rick slicing Negan's throat. "As a kid, I grew up watching horror films and I always wanted to be the hero saving people from the monster and I always wanted to be the person chased by the monster".

Still, there were fans who were completely caught off guard. Aside, of course, from the time Glenn was shown being devoured by walkers before it was revealed that, actually, he was perfectly fine.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead. Fittingly, they took the time to do it right, with a mid-season reveal that Carl was doomed to die, and an episode that said goodbye, but also spent a lot of time speaking to Carl's philosophies from the apocalyptic world and how they play out across several main characters decision-making processes.

Are you a longtime fan of Lost?

The bombing stops, and Michonne wants to get everyone to the Hilltop.

This week's episode of The Walking Dead is #8.09 in the series. That he spent some of his final hours dwelling on a cold-blooded murder he committed way back at the end of season three showed how much the character blossomed from odious, behatted snot-munchkin to stoic, fearless and honourable leader.

Maybe Kang can revive the fortunes of The Walking Dead and inject a sense of freshness that has been missing for so long.

Morgan is still fascinating; his entire character arc, if plotted on a graph, continues to be a wildly erratic wave, rising and falling dramatically, over and over.

Or will she just be part of the problem?

Most of the hour is reserved for Carl's sendoff. Pondering this for a couple of moments, she then told me, "I'd like to see her find herself a bit more".