Putin's nuclear slideshow reveals Russia's naked ambitions

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In this video grab provided by RU-RTR Russian television via AP television on March 1, 2018, Russia's new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile blasts off during a test launch from an undisclosed location in Russia.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin bragged on Thursday that his country has developed a new type of nuclear weapon that is capable of bypassing all missile defense systems.

The spat came as relations between the powers lie frozen at post-Cold War lows over the Syria and Ukraine conflicts and accusations that Moscow interfered in the USA presidential election in 2016. Some have already interpreted it as an official declaration of a renewed Cold War.

Peskov rejected an assertion that Putin's speech, one of his most bellicose in years, would deepen Russia's global isolation and said it did not herald the start of a new arms race.

Mr Putin said this week that Moscow has tested an array of new strategic nuclear weapons that can not be intercepted, and told the West: "You have failed to contain Russian Federation". "The response would be immediate".

During an interview with NBC, Putin said, "Every single weapons system that I have discussed today easily surpasses and avoids a missile defense system".

Putin said that Russian Federation also tested a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, called Sarmat, adding that its range allows it to fly over both the North and the South poles to reach any target. The ICBM is "powerful and modern and defense systems will not be able to withstand it", the president said.

Draft law 'On currency' to gradually liberalize foreign exchange market – Poroshenko
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Specifically, Nauert said that Moscow had proven itself in violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), through its development of ground-launched cruise missiles.

Although Putin said his announcement was meant to get the attention of the U.S., he also said he was open to talks with Washington. Now Mr Putin is doing his own chest-thumping exercise, insisting that Russian Federation has weapons that nobody else can deploy.

Putin also said that some of his advanced nukes were ready to fly, while others were works in progress. Any attack or a nuclear one? Particularly, Putin said that Russian Federation had created and started mass production of the hypersonic weapon Avangard, which is able of carrying out intercontinental flights at the hypersonic speed of Mach 20 and higher.

"They have not succeeded in holding Russian Federation back", said Putin, referring to the West, which he said had ignored Moscow in the past, but would now have to sit up and listen.

Because President Putin is definitely thinking it after he unveiled his new weapons arsenal with a spectacular side-serving of sass aimed at President Trump and the US.

"It was certainly unfortunate to have watched the video animation that depicted a nuclear attack on the United States", spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters.

So what new strategic weaponry does Russian Federation have, and how does this it enhance its military power? Putin complained at the time that the decision was "erroneous" but said there was little Moscow could do.