Stoneman Douglas student finds bullet hole in backpack while returning to school

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Across the country, students who are accustomed to regular lockdown drills to prepare for the possibility of a mass shooting have staged walkouts and issued calls for strengthening gun control laws.

This time, however, the teenaged shooting victims have been outspoken about gun control and their stories of the shooting.

At the Student Assembly meeting that night, class representative Diana Perez '21 spoke about how the shooting personally affected her.

The show of support appears to be flooding in from all over the world, including many who are associated with media and journalism.

And they're aiming hard questions at Trump, Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio and the NRA's Loesch.

Different states, for example, have different ages to purchase a gun.

"I believe in our Constitution, its amendments, and the rights that they give to citizens of the United States, but I also think that arming educators is a simple knee-jerk reaction to a complex matter", said King's Page. Maine SAD 13 superintendent said in a letter that students who decide to participate in a March 14 walkout to protest gun violence will be "subject to normal disciplinary procedures".

Instead of following their schedules, students were directed to head straight to their fourth-period classes, which they now know as "the class we were in when it all happened".

My three kids attend Thomas Starr King Magnet Middle School.

"We kind of decided we're exhausted of feeling like we can't do anything", said 16-year-old Mai Canning, one of the handful of students at Bethesda's Walter Johnson High School behind the effort. He said that enables them to organize quickly around an issue, "as the students at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda are demonstrating".

Last week, dozens of Spaulding students involved in the school's fundraising efforts told Foster's Daily Democrat they were focusing on providing a message of love rather than spearheading any local walkouts, although they said they do fully support the goals of the walkouts.

PHOENIX - As the national debate over gun safety and regulations continues, a Phoenix-area gun shop owner said he hasn't seen an uptick in sales but has seen more people coming in to shop.

According to Bowman, school violence is one reason students' field placement and student-teaching hours are meticulously tracked. Today he was at the Capitol on a day when the legislature had been scheduled to begin debating a school safety bill.

"I'm trying to be supportive", said Swade, who lives near the school. Senior Katie Peck shared what it was like in her classroom. This is just adjusting to a new reality for a lot of the people in the school community.

"There needs to be significant change otherwise events like this will occur over and over again", he said.

"Following the murders in Florida, I worked with students ... giving them the opportunity to express their feelings, ideas, and coming up with strategies and solutions to help them navigate this hard phenomenon", he said. "What are we missing?"

In class, teachers embraced their students, told them they were grateful they were okay, and allowed students to talk about what had happened. As teachers, education students have a chance to model behaviors they would like to see in their own students.

That's when some students broke down, she said.

A sheriff's office captain told deputies to form a perimeter instead of confronting the gunman at a Florida high school where 17 people were killed in a mass shooting.

Bevin says anyone allowed to be armed in a school should first undergo training and psychological testing to ensure they're ready to handle the responsibility. Still, the topic remains a politicized one, and Bowman said she hopes for a solution that politicians can agree on.

As classes resumed, Dick's Sporting Goods, a major USA retailer, announced that it would immediately halt sales of assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines at all of its stores and ban the sale of all guns to anyone under 21.