After thumping victory in northeast elections, BJP to celebrate 'Vijay Diwas' today

People voting in Tripura. Credit PTI

It had secured less than two per cent votes in the 2013 Assembly election in the state.

What the BJP has strategically done here is realised this trend before the Congress and stepped in as a guarantor by backing a regional outfit.

The RSSs ‘pracharak Sunil Deodhar had been appointed as ‘pravari, followed by the installation of young Biplab Deb as BJP State party chief. He can go to West Bengal, where the CPI-M still has some presence. A Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) candidate was killed in an IED blast, which resulted in countermanding of the polls in one seat.

The Congress' vote share dropped to only 2.1% of the total, as compared to almost a quarter in the 2013 Assembly elections.

Mr Rijiju said a non-Congress government will be formed in the state.

The mandate which the people of northeast have given is in itself is a very big change, Modi said. The alliance has declared him its chief ministerial candidate.

"We want the NPP to take the initiative and the BJP will provide full cooperation".

The CPM was expecting anti-Left Bengalis to vote for them instead of the Congress to defeat the BJP, which has aligned with the tribals.

Rio said the alliance is in a comfortable position to form the government. I will welcome it if they join us. Nath alleged that the BJP is trying to use "money power to cause as much disturbance as possible".

It controls Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh states in the northeast region, which critically lacks infrastructure despite being of strategic importance due to its borders with China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal.

Only in Meghalaya, where election results were also announced on Saturday, did the BJP come a cropper, winning two out of 59 seats. "I hope that doesn't happen, but that isn't something we can leave out of the reckoning". He added, "We are in touch with everybody". Make a donation and help pay for our journalism.

With Saturday´s victory, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will gain control over five of the seven northeastern states reshaping the political landscape of the region bordering Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. "I bow to every BJP karyakarta for working assiduously on the ground for years", the prime minister said. The party in a statement said the BJP managed to consolidate all anti-left votes by "appropriating the erstwhile main opposition party, the Congress".

He also appealed to the people not to resort to post-poll violence. The exultation in the BJP ranks over the victory in Tripura can be attributed to that.