Josh Allen hopes fixing feet increases accuracy

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen suffered two concussions last season

Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson braced themselves for a long-anticipated flurry of questions at the NFL's annual scouting combine. "He's a bigger dude".

Allen said the closest he has ever come to NY is this combine, and anyone with merely a passing familiarity with geography knows IN and NY are not bordering states.

"Hue Jackson is a great guy". So as soon as I heard I was at 16, I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I'm going for 20.' I was like, 'I'm going to change my fitness regimen, I've got to grind this out right here.' It felt wonderful to reach that goal. I think I make good decisions.

Naturally, the Browns questioned him about that pesky 56.2 completion percentage - the big red flag on the Wyoming product's resume. Although Kirk Cousins is the top target in free agency, one of the quarterbacks from the Big Seven is also an option. "Yeah, it was really cool". "I've just got to show off my arm - because that's where they're doubting me". "Just happy to be a part of it". Saturday, quarterbacks ran the 40-yard-dash, and a few stood out. And just wait until his Pro Day. "Not very close at all, " Allen said. "The first throw got away from me and I was thinking about that for a little bit, but not a lot of nerves".

Not only does Flaherty expect Allen to throw the ball 70 miles per hour, but he also made another bold prediction. I think it was just some split-second decision making that led to some of the turnovers.

Josh Rosen, UCLA: Mayock loved what he saw from the quarterback who's widely believed to be the purest passer in this class: "Every ball that this kid throws, he's on balance, he's got a really nice feel for touch and accuracy". Whether they're elite or not, you've seen it with guys in this league who have all the physical talent, but don't have all the other things to go along with it.

"We all work our butt off". "Hopefully, when we step on the field (at the combine) people will see improvement".

He said, "I don't know because I've never done it before, but I'd go in there with everything I have, try to instill a winning mindset and attitude. So you can ask anybody on that Oklahoma staff, that's what I bring to the table and it helps us out". How do you take a 0-16 team like the Browns and turn them back into a 1-15 team?

"I think every quarterback in this draft wants to be that guy, " he said. Pro Day will have a larger effect on Darnold's position in the draft.

Rosen, too, seemed intent to show he is the most ready to lift one of the teams near the top of the draft board. I'm going to plan that here pretty soon. It's pointing out flaws, seeing if they can look past them, seeing if they can work with it.

Most would highly assume that if the Buffalo Bills do indeed trade up in the draft, it's to go after their potential franchise quarterback. Director of Performance. Since 2011, Flaherty has done pre-draft workouts with quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Andrew Luck and Cam Newton.

Rosen said: "Whatever my coach asks me to do".

"There's still some things to improve in my footwork", he said. "Whenever my feet are set, I'm as accurate as anybody".

I'm not sure which Super Bowl Rosen would be referring to.

So when will we finally get that consensus regarding this year's group?