Local Gun Shop Owner Reacts to New Gun Control Law

Local sales rise amid gun debate

"He's afraid of the NRA", Nelson said.

"My mother and I both acknowledged that stronger gun laws might have saved him", Dann wrote.

Christopher Kind wrote, "No gun bill will solve the real problem which is securing kids in school to the same degree as the politicians at their workplace". The recent shooting at a Florida high school has reignited the gun debate.

By the NRA's count, governors since 2013 have enacted 382 "pro-gun" bills - many widely expanding access to firearms. In reality it is neither because the NRA does not speak for responsible gun owners.

NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker dismissed Dann's statements as "a desperate attention-seeking ploy by a has-been politician". There's no limit on this type of campaign spending and it includes money for television and online advertising, mailers and other forms of communication created to support or oppose a particular candidate. The rest went to backing Donald Trump and congressional Republicans who've consistently shot down attempts by Democrats to approve gun control measures in the wake of mass shootings in the United States. Students are encouraged to take 17 minutes, one minute for each of the people killed in the Parkland shooting, out of their school day. Vote to change the laws. Vice President Pence mentioned that some states have passed "red flag" laws, which empower the cops to seize guns after obtaining a court order. Trump declared he is "a fan of the NRA" but then delivered a stunning rebuke of Congress for failing to enact any reasonable gun-safety legislation.

"It's a chance for the Republican Party to show it can get things done". And, may I say, that Dick's Sporting Goods gets kudoos for stopping the sale of these guns. "I know that every time another terrible shooting happens, he and all of my victims are hurt all over again by what I did to them", Romano wrote. "That's just not how you operate".

David Dobransky runs a small gun store in North Canton, Ohio. The Daily Kos, a liberal website is asking for signatures on a petition asking Apple, Amazon and Google Play to boycott NRAtv which broadcasts "unsupported conspiracies, racist ideologies that harm this nation, endanger citizens and promote violence".

"Ted Strickland. Out for power". Without doubt, gun violence is one of the most unrelenting public health issues we face today.

The states, however, are a different matter. The way a state reacts to mass shootings depends on who controls its legislature, he said.

Wisconsin's Schimel believes that everything would be better if only teachers were allowed to carry guns in school, standing at the ready to engage in a shooting spree with a mad person wielding an AR-15.

"This is a compromise bill that has been put together, but the politics around it are toxic", Oliva said last week.

"I already have a bunch of overhead", said Polhamus. "There was something intolerable to them about having an ally turn into a skeptic".

NRA members are politically active and more likely to be conservative.

Readers who are familiar with the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut probably won't find this as a surprise, but the Republican Party, at almost all levels, has adopted a stance of gun-rights absolutism, where the party orthodoxy calls on all Republican leadership to denounce any imposition of gun control legislation as an infringement of Second Amendment rights. Democrats contend his change of heart has been spurred by the election. In Nevada, a battleground state like OH, the NRA plowed $2.4 million into the race to stop Sen.

State legislators and members of Congress with A-plus or A ratings from the National Rifle Association rarely say, or more importantly do anything contrary to the powerful gun lobby's stances.