West Virginia teachers' strike continues; teachers angry over low pay

West Virginia Waiting game video games as teachers strike

School board workers have taped heart shaped messages of solidarity-"Without teachers, there is no future;" "History is being made;" "Proud to be from WV"-across the windows of the school board's downtown offices". One of the most active pages in recent days was "Oklahoma Teacher Walkout - The Time Is Now!" created by teacher Alberto Morejon.

"A walkout would be the last resort, but we want more money for education in the state, that means more money for supplies, more staff, and pay raises so teachers will stay", the group's leader, Alberto Morejon, told the Huffington Post. Teachers in Oklahoma on average earn a little over $42,000 a year-$10,000 less than teachers in neighboring Texas.

Officials from several of the state's 55 county school systems said they planned to reopen as soon as Wednesday, but union leaders had not yet declared the strike officially over.

As Dave Mistich of West Virginia Public Broadcasting reported, Senate President Mitch Carmichael said last week his chamber needed to take a hard look at the fiscal environment before agreeing to the salary demands.

"We must make sure that the Senate hears our voice and knows that we won't back down". "It's not the raise, as much as it is having the respect that we deserve from the government, and I think that was proven today". "On Friday of next week [March 9] Oklahoma teachers will go to the national media and announce a strike date".

So, could a statewide teacher strike happen here?

Kimberly Herdman is looking for fun activities to do with her kids because she is anxious her 8-year-old daughter will have to make up missed days during the summer. Priest said the OEA has been working on this plan and anticipating the possibility of statewide school closures for over a year "because our communities need to understand why we're doing this". Naysayers will also argue that a strike could interrupt efforts to resuscitate Arizona's school funding by Governor Doug Ducey. As of the start of this year, she said, over 1,000 were distributed. Another, Nikki Kiger, said she was praying for a change of heart on the part of the state senators who voted against the latest deal. The House on Monday voted 73-25 to pass the resolution, which was approved by the Senate a month ago and will now go before voters in a November referendum.

Ben Horsch, a seventh grade science teacher at Hamilton Middle School in Parkersburg, West Virginia said that things have been getting steadily worse for him during his thirteen years of teaching in the state, with co-pays for his medical insurance rising without a corresponding cost of living adjustment to his pay. "I'm strongly on the 5 percent side". "We need to make a decision".

"If we do it the first week of April, that would be during standardized state testing, which would be a great time to say, 'Hey, we're going on strike, and we're not going to give these tests, '" Chloe Prochaska, a teacher in Mustang, told KTUL on Friday.

Priest said businesses should "pay their fair share".

The millwood superintendent said they will support their teachers - teachers who feel like the walk out is the only option left. "Restoring the income tax on high-wage earners, people making over $250,000, is another way, and that has been cut". The defunding of public education in the state has also resulted in crippling teacher "churn".