8 businesses that are supporting women this International Women's Day

Students walking from George building on Hawthorn campus

On March 4, the Ames Public Library hosted an International Women's Day celebration and hosted a keynote speaker, Jamet Colton, a Ames school board member, recipient of the 2017 Ames Humanitarian Award and native of Santiago, Chile, who spoke about her childhood in activism and how she is "Pressing for Progress".

There will be a small event organized in Elliot Lake to celebrate "International Working Women's Day - 2018 this afternoon".

She said International Women's Day is not about becoming complacent about our achievements but is a call for men and women to ensure that all girls and women are guaranteed an equal footing in Trinidad and Tobago, and across the world.

"Women and young girls have vastly different opportunities than our male counter parts", says student Regan Thompson-Taurima.

Globally, March 8 is a day of women, not just women, but great mothers, sisters, friends, wives, daughters, managers, leaders, name it. My sister enjoyed as much privilege as I and my brother did. In contrast, the overall gender distribution of the firm is 65% men, and 35% women. The day has come to be progressively connected with women's liberation and equivalent rights for ladies. The society, however, has seemingly had a change of mindset and women are now being elected into leadership positions.

She hopes women will take part in fighting for equality and wants anyone who may be dealing with a hard situation to call the organization's crisis line, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and I resonate with this statement as it speaks to the description of how a woman is challenged in the current times.

"Women's representation in national parliaments stands, on average, at less than one quarter, and in boardrooms it is even lower". The current solidarity movements have to be a tipping point for accountability; an end to impunity and the cyclical poverty of women in both rural and urban areas. As the name suggests, the day is dedicated to womanhood and its contribution to the society.

"If the government will provide Guaranteed Livable Income, so we're not talking about welfare rates that really doom people to stay poor, but enough income that will allow women to have dignified lives", Kerner says. Its communications director, Teisha Garrett, told VOA Learning English by email that the group has planned International Women's Day activities in places "like the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Democratic Republic of the Congo".

This year, International Women's Day is being celebrated under the theme #PressforProgress, a strong call to unite, think, act and be gender inclusive.

But are girls actually running the world?