Caution! Daylight Savings Time can make you sick (?)

Florida Legislature has passed a bill that´┐Żwould make the state the first to adopt year-round daylight saving time

Also, for nearly half the school year thousands more children would go to school in the dark. A 2016 Congressional Research Service report says the time change wasn't adopted in the US until 1918 with the bill "An Act to preserve daylight and provide standard time for the United States".

On Saturday, keep in mind to set clocks forward (thus losing that precious hour) and be prepared to be exhausted for days, if not weeks.

A quality review specialist for a local bank, Owens says she enjoys the long summer nights and being able to go for a walk in the daylight after work, supper and household chores. They figure it saves about 1 percent of the energy load each day of daylight-saving time. Only local governments kept it alive.

Most countries outside Europe and North America don't take part in DST.

Do not forget to set the clocks ahead one hour Saturday night before bed as we spring forward. "The longer it stays light, the better it is for businesses because there are more people walking around, frequenting shops and restaurants".

And maybe save some time to grouse about losing an hour's sleep Saturday night.

Spring forward, fall back.

Saskatchewan is the only province where residents don't change their clocks. The damage doesn't stop there.

1986-2006 - Daylight Saving Time begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October. When our sleep time is short, it is harder to regulate our mood, and nobody likes feeling rushed and cranky on a Monday.

Two years ago, KPC Sunday columnist Dr. Terry Gaff addressed this topic in a column, beginning, "Unfortunately, it is about time for me to go on my twice per year rant about the stupidity of Daylight Saving Time".

What people don't like, and what doesn't make any sense, is switching back and forth. Between the loss of valuable sleep and the return to less daylight during the early-morning drive time, there are more fatal auto accidents for 6 days following the "spring ahead" to Daylight Saving Time.

Loss of sleep can cause lingering damage, too, and Americans with Seasonal Affective Disorder could be hurt by receiving less light in the morning. Northen areas of South America also do not use DST, while the southern areas like Brazil and Paraguay do observe the time change. It passed by a vote of 103-11 in the Florida House and 33-2 in the Florida Senate and is awaiting their governor's signature. That's right, it is time for the annual rite of "spring forward".

State Sen. Greg Steube, who sponsored the bill, said that the idea of year-round daylight time has enormous support among Floridians.

In New Mexico, we have written before about the noble efforts of Roswell Sen. Educators lament the fact that daylight saving time means kids are waiting at bus stops or walking to school in the dark.