Did You Know Disney Already Made an 'A Wrinkle in Time' Movie?

Oprah gave Mindy Kaling's daughter the most incredible gift

We'll see if a new trilogy can be culled when Disney, along with a lauded film-maker and a true multi-media superstar, brings to life Madeleine L'Engle's A WRINKLE IN TIME.

The Happy Medium is an usual character - what was unusual about preparing for the role? And going to back to what you said about the book coming out in 1963 - Miss Madeleine [L'Engle], maybe she didn't fully know she was making a book that was so inclusive and so representative... but I feel she did a lovely job. No idea. I think tweens might enjoy the film, as it's so squarely aimed at them. A friend of mine had a tremendous episode of peer pressure of huge proportions that I'd never experienced or seen just a couple of weeks ago, when the whole country was saying, 'You should run for president!' [Laughter] She said, 'Y'all, the voice inside of me says, 'I am not your president. Or, there's a moment where the characters encounter a suburban neighborhood where all the children and parents act and say things in unison.

Demetri Ravanos is a member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association and has reviewed movies for Raleigh and Company, and The Alan Kabel Radio Network.

Previews aren't a barometer of how much a movie will go on to make for the weekend, but Disney says $1.3 million is a solid start for family titles. So Meg, Charles Wallace and another kid from school trip through that wardrobe - I'm sorry - I mean wrinkle and land in a place where if you're looking for your dad.

Q. If Hollywood had been casting a big-budget version of this movie in the early 1960s, shortly after the book was published, they probably wouldn't have even considered such a diverse cast. But every scene he's in took me so much out of the movie that it was hard to fully appreciate the other characters. Witherspoon is light, ethereal beauty as Whatsit, playful and odd, but never threatening (when she is lead into the Murry home). Sometimes art can help guide you through turbulent times, especially for the artist, who is just super sensitive.

DuVernay emphasized that it's not just the fact that Meg is the leader that is empowering to see, but it is the portrayal of a young white boy following a girl that makes the message all the more meaningful. That is her greatest challenge - and the greatest challenge any of the rest of us will face.

What was it like to work alongside Oprah? . "And they made these vibrant, really, really glorious films during a certain era", she said. "If you're going to give anyone that kind of power and influence, if it was anyone I could have chosen for that to go to, I would have chosen him". The planet looks as though they're out in the green fields and flowers of a countryside.

Here is a girl who wishes she were different than she is, which is just another way of saying she wishes she were the same as everyone else.

The smell is distinct enough for Calvin to recognize the method of cooking, but not so distinct that he would know what it is he is smelling I guess. As Ava told, "This is a film for young people and people who are young at heart".

But Rian Johnson - who helmed the 2017 "The Last Jedi" movie - admitted it's time for a woman or a person of colour to tell a story in a galaxy far, far away.

"We're talking a lot about how girls of color will respond to Storm, but Caucasian boys will also be seeing seeds planted in the film", DuVernay continues. "Let me try to help you out here".