Walkout Highlights Impact Of Gun Violence On Youth

Authorities release video showing outside of Parkland high school during shooting | Miami Herald

In the midst of many peaceful walkouts on Wednesday protesting gun violence in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, chaos broke out at Antioch High School. Most of the group walked around the flagpole in front of the school.

Sheriff Scott Israel said Scot Peterson, a school resource deputy assigned to the campus, resigned after he failed to engage shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Christensen, Eisenhower's student body vice president, was one of many student leaders who met with Yakima School District administrators last month to discuss safety in response to the Florida shooting.

"The power of prayer can work miracles", said Gina Wright.

After other recent shootings, she said, conversations about making America safer were shut down pretty quickly. "I think that it gives us all a sense of empowerment that we are going to become adults who can make change".

One student, senior Hannah Herring, said she was one of two students to walk out of her third-period AP English class. Herring said participating students met in the commons before heading to the football field, where they held a moment of silence for shooting victims. "I felt like 17 minutes wasn't enough", he said.

"I hope this pushes us toward meaningful change", Reed continued.

Not all of the students carried the same message.

Molloy said she was excited to see students with different viewpoints.

"Because if it were up to us we would be focusing on passing math class, we wouldn't be focused on fixing the problems of this country", Pozner told her classmates. "We're going to stand up and speak out and start to fix it".

Thousands of local students march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the U.S. Capitol during a nationwide student walkout for gun control in Washington, D.C., March 14, 2018.

At Tualatin High School, Hadley Carlberg, one of the organizers of that school's walkout, read a short speech.

While Wednesday's walkout attracted just a handful of people who stopped by to observe their vigil, participants said they were grateful to the people who braved the cold and winds.

The Antioch High School principal planned Thursday's protest. "Protesting is as American as apple pie".

Drake said almost one-third of the school's students participated in the event.

After the service, students had the choice to stay inside, walk outside the school or walk together with teachers to Brooklyn Borough Hall, where students from other schools gathered.

"Make sure we get some units over here, I need to shut down Stoneman Douglas", Peterson said. Our student body also runs the gamut of political opinion, from right to left, and we needed to ensure our walkout did not offend or alienate anyone.

"I want them to have a voice and I was proud of them", Edkins said. "The fact that even a few dozen people came out and were willing to put themselves out there is great - we would have liked to have the whole school here".

"I just want people to know that these aren't just names".

MA has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but some students said more can be done both at the national level and the state level.