March for our Lives protests planned for 800 places across the world

Chin high and tears streaming Florida school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez stood silent in front of thousands gathered for the “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington D.C

Organizers have also zeroed in on school safety, and are calling for lawmakers to ensure there are no mass shootings inside schools in the future.

If you can't make it to D.C., you can attend one of the more than 830 sibling marches happening across the world. "We're pushing voter registration like insane so that we can really encourage people to get to the polls because these midterm elections are so important if we want to see change". On Valentine's Day, a gunman opened fire and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

"I thought, I'm a piano tuner, what can a piano tuner do?"

Jon White, 47, whose daughter Katrina fled the school during the shooting, said: "I don't have a lot of confidence in my generation. We're expecting a pretty big turnout tomorrow", said local march organizer Kevin LaMonica.

"It's surreal, I didn't think it would happen", said Lindsey.

The donations barely trickled in - and $1,400 wouldn't send even one kid on the trip.

FOX5 spoke to students planning to attend the march. "The law does not protect the school, the law protects the people who can buy those guns". If you have done these two things but still feel as if you can help more, call your elected officials and tell them to safely act in regards to gun reform.

Politicians will also be out in force with the students, as Mayor Muriel Bowser joined in a video with Justin Timberlake to promote the walk and state she would be participating as well.

Now Steyer is getting involved in the Florida gun debate.

"I'm seeing what we're doing and I say, obviously students can do it!" he said.

The students will return to Hillsborough County from Washington D.C. on Sunday. The opportunity was not lost on her.

It's a significant step for Swift, who - unlike many of her musical peers - did not weigh in during the lead-up to the 2016 USA election other than to encourage her fans to get out and vote.

"I'm not safe, people can walk in that school with an AR-15 and they can start shooting, and I have no protection", said Kevin Portinga, a junior at City High/Middle School in Grand Rapids. The Massena and Potsdam marches are among 800 others worldwide.

"We're coming together to kind of say, enough is enough", said Lakewood High School student Isabella Bryson.

It's a difference that was made possible, in part, by his own decision to act.