Bismarck School Board opens up search for interim superintendent

School board says boy's broken leg appears to be result of 'rough play&apos

The school board had removed the ALE in the current year's budget, anticipating that students in that program would return to "regular" school, thus keeping money in the district, in addition to saving money from cutting the program, Superintendent Paul Turner told the board. Board member Andi Story had the one dissenting vote.

"School boards should be diverse", York said.

"What we need to make sure happens is that we secure our campuses so that weapons do not make their way on campus". These cuts did not come without a lengthy discussion between board members and faculty.

Anchorage School District is considering offering more sleep to adolescents, while maximizing learning opportunities for young children, by beginning school days later for high school students and earlier for elementary school students. It also supports establishing a school-based mental health clinic at a district elementary school.

"We have some flexibility in terms of the time of the date in which we end school", he explained.

The board is looking at performance pay as a way to reward nonunion employees for excellent work, but "we've always tried to really take our time with these types of decisions", board President Sayeed Ali said.

Another cut in the budget is that of the person who coordinates the International Baccalaureate program at Hampton High School; in its place would be a new assistant principal position to oversee those students beyond just their academics.

Included in the school board's budget priorities and requests is $1,079,312 to cover a 2 percent raise for all staff and a teacher scale compression as well as $412,862 for staffing requests.

"I could not have done it without the team that we have assembled here", he said. "Or there is leave payoff when a teacher separates from the district".

According to the School District, the approval of Shiels to replace Chuck Young as Superintendent "is anticipated at the regular meeting of the Sonoma Valley Unified Board of Trustees on April 17".

"We've been losing teachers over the years to our neighbouring districts where they can make about $10,000 more", School District 27J spokesperson Tracy Rudnick explained to CTV News Channel on Monday.

Board member Carol Nichols objected to both plans because they create a two-tier system in the district's working environment and create competition within small groups of employees that often have a lot of camaraderie.

"I am in concert with nearly everyone in the room, but we have to be careful not to alienate other people that we need at the table that are part of the community, that are part of our taxpayer base that can help us find a way..."

Kids needs not worry, the school year won't be extended.

The school board is expected to vote on next year's modified school start and dismissal times and school bus stops in April. AVID was not approved for the final budget.

However, he noted the greatest savings would be through consolidating into one large elementary school and parents may oppose that option.

A bill now in committee, HB 339, would raise the BSA by $100 per student to $6,030.

The first selectman said the officers will be retired state troopers, adding that changes to law enforcement would not affect public safety in town.