IPhone Update Adds Privacy 'Transparency'

IPhone Update Adds Privacy 'Transparency'

APPLE'S latest iPhone software update (iOS 11.3) is big on user privacy, and the tech giant is also promising more data controls in May. The app will be available in beta for the United States and top businesses in retail, finance, and hospitality. It arrives more than a month the launch of iOS 11.2.6, a minor update that brought bug fixes.

In December of 2017 an age-old conspiracy theory that Apple deliberately slows down older devices was proved true when it came to light that Apple has included code in the iOS operating system that throttles the performance of iPhones if the battery is showing signs of wear.

"Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right, so every Apple product is created to minimize the use and collection of your data, use on-device processing wherever possible and provide transparency and control over your information".

Additionally, users can manage the power management feature. This is listed under section Peak Performance Capability.

The company on its support page says, "Batteries are a complex technology, and a number of variables contribute to battery performance and related iPhone performance".

"The new aHealth Records' feature helps patients of more than 40 health systems including Duke, NYU Langone, Stanford and Yale view their medical records from multiple institutions right from their iPhone", Apple said.

Business Chat: This happens to be a cool new feature that lets users to chat with businesses without revealing their own identity. Along with this, the users can also transfer the balance from their cards to the Apple Pay anytime using the recharge option in the app. Also, Spotlight, Safari, and Maps search results will provide links for users to transition directly into a conversation with a representative from the selected business.

Among the CRM companies to get an early jump on integrations with the Business Chat feature were Zendesk and

Along with iPhones, the info message will appear on updated iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs. "Users are always in control of their contact information - businesses will not receive any personal data by default". This feature is limited to U.S. for now. Apple also notes that all users with an iPhone 6 will get a notification on the device's battery health screen that recommends the battery be replaced.A lion, bear, dragon and skull Animoji have also joined the iPhone X's current line-up of colourful creatures.

There is another specialty as in iPhone X, four new Animoji characters are also added. Apple uses 50 different facial muscles movements, which is made possible thanks to the TrueDepth camera and the A11 Bionic chipset.

The new version of iOS will allow you to turn off a controversial "throttling" feature which slows down phones as they age.