50 years after MLK's death, a look at his life

Jeremiah Dew. Will Crooks  Greenville Journal

I wanted to know the man before he became simply an icon of justice.

"We've got some hard days ahead".

After a half-century, "we haven't traveled that far", she said.

The senator urged Americans to take up King's efforts, pray for King's family and the nation, and join in solidarity those longing for peace.

"And she said, 'Bob, I'm here with Coretta (King's wife), and Coretta wants you to come back to Atlanta and go with her to pick up Martin's body.' And I couldn't speak".

Loretta Lynch made history as the first black woman Attorney General. and believes King's legacy lives on.

Ford is etched into the pages of history via in a famous photo after the shooting. We've all unified together to make this delegation very powerful. Their slogan was: I am a man.

Wilson, the recent National Civil Rights Museum visitor, and his son Charles Jr. were among those who contemplated King's legacy and the status of civil rights in the United States. We're still dealing with racial profiling.

Dr. King used to say that it nearly didn't matter if we could sit at a lunch counter if we couldn't afford to get a hamburger.

King was tragically assassinated at a motel in Memphis, TN, in 1968 but his spirit and pursuit of equality remain a staple of American life today. The event comes as one of countless held nationwide in Dr. King's honor.

There will be a combination of an older civil rights leader like Jesse Jackson, along with modern-day celebrities such as Nick Cannon and Van Jones.

"In 1966, during the James Meredith March Against Fear Dr. King came to Canton that's where we were tear-gased over at McNeil Elementary School". You may not be on strike.

It's more important to know what's in our own hearts when we see injustice take root where justice should be in bloom.

A single bullet, fired from a Remington 760 Gamemaster hunting rifle, screamed through the waning sunlight and killed the Rev. Martin Luther King the age of 39. Faith leaders were not the only ones to pay tribute to King after his assassination. Nonetheless, Delaware's governor, Charles Terry, was convinced its black residents would use any chance they could get to instigate more violence, and asked the National Guard to stay. He has not been silent all these years about his relationship with King and how it was during his final years.

A month earlier, King led the sanitation workers in a march through the Tennessee city that erupted in violent clashes.

"There are a lot of people who understand Dr. King and appreciate what he did so much", Givens said.

On that dark day fifty years ago, my grandmother had us pray.

Editor's note: Breaking views are thoughts from individual members of the editorial board on today's headlines. And, as Dr. King taught us by example, our prayer life must move us to serve, to struggle and, when necessary, to sacrifice for justice.