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Rain changing to snow tonight

Winter Storm WARNING

Our next weather system comes together Wednesday night.

MORE RAIN AND WINTER PRECIP CHANCES: We're not done with winter precipitation just yet. Let's take a look at how much snow various areas can expect with this storm. Winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour which is enough to cause some isolated reports of wind damage.

On Easter Sunday, another quick-moving disturbance develops in the Central Plains and brings a hit of heavy snow from Nebraska to northern Kentucky.

"Mixed precipitation is expected", the advisory said. Numerous area's highways are snow or slush covered, and traffic is slow moving.

Tuesday night, the low will fall into the midteens. Before that warm-up, Wednesday morning could have snow covered slick roads anywhere in MI.

A total of 5.5 inches of snow fell at Central Park in New York City.

Climatologically, there's only a 3% of snow in St. Louis on Easter. Temperatures will be mainly in the low 30s, cold enough for the possibility of slippery spots.

I hope you had the chance to enjoy Monday's sunshine.

There won't be much accumulation by morning since recent higher temperatures in Philadelphia and NY warmed up the ground.

A warm front connected with this system will move across Newfoundland, starting as snow, changing to ice pellets and freezing rain, then to rain early Thursday.

The New York City Department of Sanitation has issued a snow alert for Monday morning. Rain on Friday will start as snow or a mix in parts of the state.

Temps could reach into the 60s; however, the wind will make it feel colder. Temperatures on Thursday and Friday in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., were in the 70s - and on Monday, it should feel almost 40 to 50 degrees colder. It's also more likely to happen at night, as it did during the April 1997 blizzard. Sunday's wintry conditions will push into the first week of April.