Severe weather outlook Tuesday

Slight risk for severe weather Tuesday night

The wind will be pulling in warm and moist air, which will foster instability ahead of the front. A line of storms should develop and sweep from west to east across the area.

Much of the day Tuesday will be warm and windy with south winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour and gusting along with high temperatures in the mid to upper seventies.

We're now in the slight risk area for strong storms to impact the Valley Tuesday night.

NWS said there is a medium threat level for tornados and a high threat level for damaging winds.

We have seen our share of tornadoes this year in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Here's your First Alert reminder for the potential for overnight severe storms as a cold front marches from northwest to southeast across the Bayou State. More Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are likely with a few Tornado Warnings possible too.

Both Saturday and Sunday look partly cloudy, with highs in the upper 30s (4 degrees Celsius) on Saturday, and in the low 40s (6 degrees Celsius) on Sunday.

It'll be sunny on Wednesday, but much cooler with high temperatures into the mid to upper 50s.

The severe weather activity stems from a warming air mass in combination with a strong low-pressure system leading to a favorable environment for severe and supercell thunderstorms. It will be breezy and our temperatures will struggle to get out of the low 60s.

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Now is the time to prepare for severe weather.

Rain chances will linger into the early morning hours on Wednesday.