Rain & snow moves out, becoming windy

Bring in the patio furniture. The weather's about to change.

"Many areas will only get less than 1" of snow especially south of Springfield, up to 1" (at most 2") is possible along and north of I-44 as that band comes in tonight. However, snow is no longer in the forecast, according to the Weather Service. Two to three inches of snow are possible in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. Northeast winds 5 to 15 miles per hour low 13 degrees.

TRI-LAKES: High - 30s; Low - 20s.

Just ahead of this system is a warmer air mass that will try and over run the current cold air mass that is settled over the state.

Any of the snow that did fall during Friday afternoon and night should melt a bit into this afternoon as temperatures warm up into the low and mid 40s. Take your time out on the roadways this morning while heading to work.

BOZEMAN: Low: 30, High: 39.

That mix will turn to rain through Monday morning and into the afternoon with scattered rain stick around most of the day. We'll see gusts 10-20 miles per hour today, compared to yesterday's 35 miles per hour gusts.

Sunday - Mostly sunny, with a high near 41.

As the chance for snow wears off, sub-freezing temperatures are expected to set in. Temperatures stay cold throughout Saturday, with a high of 42 degrees. The chance of rain showers lessens Sunday, but our skies will remain cloudy. Snow will continue off and on through the evening but we should be dry past midnight. Late Monday, an area of low pressure will approach from our southwest and try to throw precipitation into our direction.

Snow will taper and end by lunch on Friday.

Mainly quiet weather fills in for this weekend.

Overnight, the rain turned to snow with accumulation on North of Interstates 290 and 88.