Skaneateles school board approves 3.75-percent tax increase, advances security plans

Superintendent search strategic plans on school board agenda

She said the board made the same decision on health insurance a year ago, but many teachers were under the impression the school division would pick up rate increases for all.

Traditionally. most of the board members have hailed from the Santa Maria and Orcutt areas.

Jaggers has two kids of his own in the school system.

"I have a really good understanding of how schools work".

The board unanimously agreed to put the evaluation on the next meeting's agenda. The proposed budget has gathered some controversy as it cuts spending to magnet schools and similar programs.

Those allegations include the discussion of cutting the soccer program in executive session, improper notice on the agenda of March 12 of the appointment of a new school board member and the release of information discussed during executive session by a school board member.

"I am excited for the future of Ozark Schools and look forward to working with the students, staff and our school board on continuing our journey", Bauman said in a statement issued by the school.

"We're maximizing our state aid, we're repurposing and maximizing resources within our current budget so that way we don't have to increase the tax levy to our taxpayers", he said.

Members of the Harford County Board of Education are about to begin whittling down applications to become the next superintendent.

A tax increase of 2.27 percent will be necessary to balance the budget.

Following outrage from parents after a three-month silence from district officials after word got out about a kill list written by a student, West Parry School District's superintendent is leaving his post. The school district has the capacity to adjust routes, he added.

For example, the diversion of PPRT dollars will cost the Putnam County school district $695,052 in revenue during fiscal year 2018.

By state law, all these meetings will be open to the public.

The proposed final budget will be available for public review until a final general operating budget is adopted by the school board next month.

She is the parent of a child who has disabilities, she said. "I'd like to hear us talk about losing students as much as we do equal funding, ' he said".

He pointed to other school districts in B.C., such as Kamloops-Thompson and Vernon, which have representatives elected for both rural and more urban regions.