Would you consider closing your Facebook after privacy breach?

Would you consider closing your Facebook after privacy breach?

"We don't sell the data".

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will no longer channel funds into an effort that opposed giving social media users more control over their personal data. "I believe people own their content", he told the House panel.

"The most important thing I care about right now is making sure no one interferes in the various 2018 elections around the world", he told a 44-Senator panel.

The 33-year-old founder of the social media service showed up wearing a dark suit and tie, instead of his usual T-shirt.

Eighty-seven percent of adults use Facebook or one of its products like photo-sharing app Instagram or chat app WhatsApp.

Is Facebook listening to us?

Zuckerberg received a $1 salary and no stock for 2017; however, the company announced it shelled out $8.9 million for his security at his residence and personal travel-which included "personal usage of private aircraft".

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9% reported deleting their Facebook account altogether. "Even if someone isn't logged in, we track certain information, like how many pages they're accessing, as a security measure".

"It's not enough to just connect people". And on Tuesday, it announced the launch of Data Abuse Bounty, a reward for people who turn in app developers that are misusing data.

Facebook was getting to the bottom of exactly what Cambridge Analytica did and telling everyone affected. Cambridge Analytica is a political research company.

39% said they were "very aware" of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, while 37% said they were "somewhat aware". The tech company's market value is raised by 5% after facing a drop in the market value of $80 billion. "We're working on doing that as quickly as possible". Zuckerberg responded in the affirmative. "I should reasonably expect that that's going to work as it is presented to me". "We are not anticipating major changes to our overall revenue and business model", Everson said at the London event. The company had initially won the lawsuit based on a jurisdiction issue.

Zuckerberg pieced together the site after scraping information from the university's online facebook directory, a move that landed him before the school's Administrative Board, according to a 2003 Harvard Crimson article.

Facebook does say it expects its expenses to rise as it brings on more employees to deal with security issues and content moderation, and more costs will come with regulation in the USA, the prospect of which Zuckerberg has welcomed.

"People don't want to quit Facebook", Sylvie said.