1 in 10 American Have Deleted Facebook: New Survey

Mark Zuckerberg's Frankenstein Facebook grew too fast too big

Post Facebook CEO Zuckerberg grilled before Congress for two days, on Tuesday and Wednesday, users of this biggest social media platform have started doubting their privacy. Last week, over two days and 10 hours, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, with a dead-pan face, fielded over 600 questions from almost 100 US Congressmen.

Amid Zuckerberg's congressional declaration he asserted to be ignorant of what are known as "shadow profiles".

While Mark Zuckerberg has dealt with the US Congress well, it does open the question as to what the future of the website will be. As Tech.pinions says, the fact that users that are engaging less with content and brands means they simply aren't as valuable to companies paying for traffic or buying ads.

Responding to a question poised by U.S. Representative Ben Luján (D-New Mexico), Zuckerberg responded that Facebook tracks non-users for security reasons.

Kennedy said one obstacle to protections is social media outlets such as Facebook do not fit neatly into the traditional types of industries Congress normally regulates. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg left himself some wiggle room in testimony this week when he said, "I believe that all of your information is in that file".

Facebook will keep failing users' trust as long as its business is based on the unrestrained grabbing of as much user data as possible, and crafting ever-more innovative ways for advertisers to harness that information for commercial goals.

I'm pretty sure when I signed up, I was provided all the legalese I didn't read, and agreed to this although it is a bit unsettling when my phone knows where I'm going before I do.

"We all knew. Come on really, if I go to Google and I search a local restaurant for a brunch, then I go to my (Facebook) there are local brunch ads". With people feeling that the social-media site is mishandling our sensitive information, it has led many to abandon it entirely. He/she/it still is. More than 1,700 satellites watch the planet, some of these so powerful that "from outer space, a camera clicks and a detailed image of the block where we work can be acquired by a total stranger", Robert Draper wrote in a terrific article in the February 2018 issue of the National Geographic.

And some contend getting off Facebook will not solve the problem.

You (or, one of your staffers) even have a verified account there.

Facebook is required by law to notify users and get their permission before data is shared beyond their preferred privacy settings in what is known as the "consent decree".

Alastair Mactaggart, the chief proponent of the proposed initiative, said: "We're gratified that Facebook has dropped its opposition to the California Consumer Privacy Act".

Companies must obtain consent from customers before using or sharing their personal information.

Violations result in a fine of up to $24 million or 4 percent of the company's annual global revenue, whichever is greater.

U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., has gone even further. Can Facebook track browsing activity after a user logs off?