Fear The Walking Dead Will Make Way For More TWD Crossover

How long is TWD tonight

"Fear the Walking Dead" season 4 airs on Sundays at 9 P.M. on AMC. That's fresh. What doesn't need to happen, though, is for 1) It to be dropped completely in the opening minutes The Walking Dead season 9 or 2) Maggie turning into a moustache-twirling melodramatic villain. Even that might have been forgiven had the actors sold you on it, but with the exception of the always game Lennie James (who's now off to another show) and poor Lauren Cohan, forced to shriek like a lunatic after Negan was spared, the whole thing felt phoned in despite the fact that it was the climax of a massively hyped multi-year plot line. With the end of Season 8 last night, many of us are looking for ways to fill the hours until next season.

In a makeshift hospital room, Rick told a recovering Negan he would "rot in a cell", echoing the comic books.

"I'll just say that the show evolves in a huge way". These two men [have] very different outlooks on how to survive.

"I think he just went too far by invoking those words and doing what he did". Unsurprisingly, she begins with the Hilltop's former leader, Gregory - executing him by hanging for his endangerment of her people. He then told Carol it was time for him to go. If she has to be pregnant, widowed, and stuck in the zombie apocalypse, surely she deserves some peace of mind regarding Negan. We're still talking about certain aspects of it.

However, in some twist of fate, they got separated. Keep it simple, and we'll come flooding back in droves. Negan eventually gets the upper hand and tries to kill Rick, but Rick begs for just 10 seconds of his time so he can convince him about the better life they can build together. "Cause that's not gonna happen, '" Dillahunt quips. In an episode encompassed by life-altering and game-changing decisions, Eugene himself - influenced by Rosita and Gabriel - saves the day when it's revealed that he sabotaged the bullets he made for Negan to malfunction, causing the Saviors, including Negan, to take a bullet in the hand when they fired instead of slaughtering Rick and the rest of his allied forces. She's been with the series since Season 2 and has taken on more responsibility over the previous year, so Kang is up to speed with the story and where it's going. Luckily, her price doesn't involve murder or any other shady business - it turns out that Al is a journalist, and she's collecting stories from the survivors she meets.

Maggie may be looking for revenge, but revenge on Rick isn't her top priority. I still don't see any real reason why Carl had to die to justify the ending of the season. And Jesus, you know, he would not have killed the surrendering Saviors, but he's not Morgan. That mealymouthed decision will likely come back to haunt the show as it trudges on with no end in sight. We thought, 'Is Danai going to get hit?' It was hard because they didn't want to sit there and have to meter themselves. Plus, most notably, the arrival of the next big bad group of The Walking Dead mythos, the stealthy, primitive, walker-skin-wearing group, the Whisperers, is a sure bet for Season 9.

Explaining how the producers approached the task of bringing Fear the Walking Dead closer to the flagship series, Gimple says, "It was to take the great stuff from the first three seasons, it was additive, it wasn't about subtracting". I think it's wonderful that she's got this power as a performer and also the stage that Maggie now has in the show and in the community, what she represents, I think it makes for a formidable force.